About us


The Hackettstown First Aid and Rescue provides emergency medical services for Hackettstown and its surrounding areas. Hackettstown Rescue Squad is a non-profit organization with 100% volunteer members. Members of our squad are committed to providing professional and dependable emergency medical services to our community members. Members do not receive pay for the many hours they dedicated to training and responding to emergencies.

We currently have 3 patient Ambulances, 1 Rescue Truck, and 3 Utility Vehicles. 

Our membership consists of Emergency Medical Technicians, (EMT), First Responders and drivers.  Our EMT’s have an initial training program of 120 hours of classroom training.  They also perform 10 hours of training in the local emergency room.  Continued training is necessary to maintain the EMT certification.  This consists of 28 hours of continuing education, which includes both classroom instruction and practical hands-on training every 3 years.

The squad is always in need of volunteers.  If you would like to find out more about membership in the squad, follow the membership link, to find out how.  The squad provides full training with no prior experience.

We hope you will explore more of our website and learn more about our history and how you can help the squad even if you don’t want to become an EMT.




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